European Diversity Month - Celebrating and promoting diversity and inclusion

Dear Diversity Charter Signatory,

Diversity and inclusion is part of your organisation values and strategies and you have confirmed it also by signing the Romanian Diversity Charter. Through the EU Platform of Diversity Charters, where the Romanian Diversity Charter is a member of, you are part of an European wide network of employers, who has understood the importance of inclusive work environments for the increased job satisfaction, employee well-being, but also for recruiting and retaining talent and achieving an edge over competition.

The EU Platform of Diversity Charters together with its members is organising a first ever European Diversity Month in May 2020 – under #EUDiversitymonth. This is a month to celebrate and promote diversity at the workplace, to raise awareness on benefits of diversity and inclusion and to show all the great work you are doing in your organisations by valuing the uniqueness of your employees. We call all organisations to participate with an in-house or a public activity during the Diversity Month in May 2020.

How can you get involved?
You too can get involved, celebrate and raise awareness in your organisation with organising an event for or with your employees, customers or suppliers. You could communicate about your actions internally in your organisation to educate your employees, you could organise an internal seminar on the subject of diversity or organise an event open to public during the month of May.

Win a trip to European Diversity Month launch in Brussels
Register your planned event online before 31 March 2020 at the EU Platform of Diversity Charters page and get a chance to participate at the European Diversity Month’s launch event with the Commissioner and other like-minded organisations in Brussels.

Please have a look at this small toolkit to inspire you further with possible activities during the Diversity Month and tips for social media.

Together we can make a change!