The law firm Wolf Theiss has joined the Romanian Diversity Charter

We are delighted to welcome Wolf Theiss to the Romanian Diversity Charter family, celebrating their dedication to diversity and inclusion in both their workforce and corporate culture.

Bryan Wilson Jardine, Managing Partner at Wolf Theiss Bucharest, declared:

“As a leading law firm with multiple offices across Central and Southeastern Europe, serving a diverse international clientele and employing a team of diverse professionals, we deeply value the richness that diversity brings to our organization. Recognizing diversity as a fundamental pillar of our success, we are steadfast in our commitment to celebrate, promote, and champion diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our work.

In an industry that often operates within traditional frameworks, we understand the importance of continuous self-assessment and improvement. We are dedicated to challenging the status quo and fostering an environment that embraces different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences.

Above all, we strive to cultivate a workplace that is not only inclusive but also a safe and welcoming space for all members and visitors. We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or any other dimension of diversity.

Looking ahead, we are determined to advance our efforts in promoting equality and combating prejudice through targeted projects and initiatives. We are committed to transparently living out our values and effectively communicating our dedication to diversity and inclusion to our stakeholders and the wider community.

Together, we will continue to stand up for equality, amplify underrepresented voices, and foster a culture of respect and acceptance within our firm and beyond.”

About Wolf Theiss

Founded in 1957, Wolf Theiss is one of the leading law firms in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, specialising in international business assistance. We have built our reputation on unrivalled local knowledge, backed by strong international capabilities. With 400 lawyers in 13 countries, over 80% of the firm's work involves cross-border representation of international clients.

In Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine, Wolf Theiss represents local and international industrial, commercial and service companies, as well as banks and insurance companies. Combining law and business, Wolf Theiss develops comprehensive and constructive solutions based on legal, tax and business knowledge.

Opened in 2005, the Romanian office currently has a team of 50 lawyers and is one of the most representative offices in the network. For more than 9 years, we have been leaders in the independent ranking of law firms in Romania by EMIS DealWatch according to the number of transactions completed each year, assisting some of the most representative M&A projects concluded in post-crisis Romania in terms of impact and value.

The official launch of the Romanian Diversity Charter took place on April 18, 2018, making Romania the 21st country in the European Union to adopt a Diversity Charter and join the European Diversity Platform. Currently, the Charter has gathered 235 signatories, representing approximately 285,000 employees from companies, public institutions, and NGOs. These signatories have publicly committed to upholding the principles of the Charter, aiming to make diversity, equal opportunities, and social inclusion recognized and respected values in Romania. Under the guidance of the Charter, numerous initiatives have been implemented, including experience exchanges, workshops, debates, and learning and mentorship programs. Since 2021, the Charter and its signatories have jointly celebrated the EU Diversity Month, which aims to promote diversity in the workplace and society as a whole.