Generali has signed the Romanian Diversity Charter

Diversity and Inclusion are part of Generali's DNA. The people we care about and the people we work with are diverse and this is essential to our work, to better understand our customers and to encourage new ideas, as diverse as the world we live in.

Different people, experiences and ideas can inspire new ways of thinking and creativity - our commitment and responsibility as leaders is to reveal and accelerate this power that lies in diversity.

We want all our partners to feel included, and that means treating everyone with respect and recognizing the needs of individuals, regardless of their diverse gender, religion, nationality knowledge, skills and experiences.

In addition to Diversity and Inclusion, our commitment embraces Equity to ensure equal opportunities for all and unlock the full potential of all our people. Diversity, equity and inclusion is a key pillar of the Generali LifeTime Partner 24 strategy and is fundamental to supporting Generali to be a true champion of sustainability.

We know that learning is a key first step in understanding diversity and creating an inclusive culture, and we are committed to helping all our colleagues understand, recognize and value differences. By raising awareness through discussions and training and including DEI in decision-making and human resources processes, we want to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Our journey to DEI began several years ago, and today we can rely on strong governance, engaged leaders and broad communities of ambassadors – employees who act every day to internalize and apply the principles of DEI.

Adrian Marin, CEO and President of Directorate, Generali Romania


With a history spanning almost two centuries, Generali Romania is one of the best performing and most appreciated insurers in the local market. The company has a composite activity, with a balanced portfolio and a range of products designed to effectively cover the needs of retail and corporate customers. Our brand ambition - to be a LifeTime Partner to our customers, distributors and employees promotes an open, inclusive, customer-centric culture that will guide our transformation and ultimately improve our customers' experience.

The official launch of the Romanian Diversity Charter took place on 18 April 2018, Romania thus becoming the 21st country in the European Union with a Diversity Charter and benefiting from the membership in the European Diversity Platform. Today, the Charter brings together 194 signatories, covering approx. 260.000 employees from companies, public institutions and NGOs, who have publicly assumed the principles of the Charter, so that diversity, equal opportunities and social inclusion become values acknowledged and respected in Romania. Under the auspices of the Romanian Diversity Charter, several initiatives have taken place (experience exchanges, workshops, seminars, debates, task forces, learning and mentorship programs) where different practices and organizational policies of diversity management were presented, analyzed, debated and disseminated. Since 2021 the Charter and its signatories celebrate together the EU Diversity Month to promote diversity in the workplace and in society. More information at